Urusei Yatsura


Synopsis and Charm


Urusei Yatsura revolves around the chaotic life of Ataru Moroboshi after the alien princess Lum invades Earth and becomes infatuated with him. The series blends Japanese folklore with sci-fi elements.


Known for its eccentric humor, lovable characters, and the bizarre situations they find themselves in, the series captures a unique blend of comedy and romance.

Production Info


Rumiko Takahashi.

Production Studio

Studio Pierrot and later by Studio Deen.

Release Date & Episodes

Aired from 1981 to 1986, with a total of 195 episodes.

Broadcast Period

October 1981 to March 1986.

Main Characters and Voice Actors

・Ataru Moroboshi: Toshio Furukawa
・Lum: Fumi Hirano
・Shinobu Miyake: Saeko Shimazu
・Shuutarou Mendou: Akira Kamiya

Key Episodes

Iconic Episodes

Memorable episodes include Lum’s introduction and Ataru’s bizarre challenges to win his freedom.

Final Episode

Concludes with a heartfelt and humorous climax that leaves the fate of Ataru and Lum’s relationship open-ended.

First Episode

Sets the stage for the series with Ataru’s unlucky selection to represent Earth in a game against Lum’s alien race.

Memorable Scenes

Notable scenes include Ataru’s relentless flirtations and Lum’s electrifying responses.

Theme Songs and Influence

Theme Songs

Iconic theme songs like “Lum’s Love Song” and “Space is Strange” are fondly remembered by fans.


The series is credited with pioneering many tropes found in later romantic comedies and science fiction anime.

Popular Merchandise

・Urusei Yatsura-themed apparel
・Lum figurines
・Manga and art books
・DVD box sets
・Video games based on the series


Urusei Yatsura is a classic anime that stands out for its unique humor, memorable characters, and the imaginative world it creates. It remains a beloved part of anime history and culture.

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