Captain Tsubasa


Synopsis and Charm


Captain Tsubasa is a story about Tsubasa Ozora, a young soccer prodigy who dreams of winning the FIFA World Cup for Japan. It follows his journey from elementary school through to the professional leagues.


The series is celebrated for its inspiring story, dynamic soccer matches, and the development of its characters’ friendships and rivalries.

Production Info


Yōichi Takahashi.

Production Studio

Tsuchida Production, later by Group TAC.

Release Date & Episodes

Originally aired in 1983, spanning multiple series and movies.

Broadcast Period

Various, with several adaptations and spin-offs.

Main Characters and Voice Actors

・Tsubasa Ozora: Yūko Sanpei
・Kojiro Hyuga: Takuya Sato
・Genzo Wakabayashi: Kenichi Suzumura
・Ryo Ishizaki: Ayaka Fukuhara.

Key Episodes

Iconic Episodes

The series is known for memorable matches like the Nankatsu vs. Toho final in the middle school championship.

Final Episode

Each series ends with a high-stakes match, often highlighting Tsubasa’s growth and determination.

First Episode

Introduces Tsubasa Ozora and his passion for soccer.

Memorable Scenes

Notable scenes include Tsubasa’s Drive Shot and the Tiger Shot by Kojiro Hyuga.

Theme Songs and Influence

Theme Songs

Iconic theme songs include “Moete Hero” and “Tsubasa yo Hashire!” which have become synonymous with the series.


The series has significantly influenced the popularity of soccer in Japan and inspired many professional soccer players.

Popular Merchandise

・Captain Tsubasa soccer balls
・Character figurines
・Tsubasa and other characters’ jerseys
・Video games based on the series
・Collector’s edition manga and DVDs


Captain Tsubasa is a beloved anime that has inspired generations of soccer fans and players. Its portrayal of perseverance, teamwork, and the love of the game has left a lasting impact on the sports anime genre.

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