Mazinger Z


Synopsis and Charm


Mazinger Z is a pioneering mecha anime that follows the story of Koji Kabuto, who pilots the titular robot to protect the world from the evil Dr. Hell.


The anime is renowned for introducing the concept of piloted giant robots to the genre, inspiring countless successors.

Production Info


Go Nagai

Production Studio

Toei Animation

Release Date & Episodes

December 1972 – September 1974, 92 episodes

Broadcast Period

(No information)

Main Characters and Voice Actors

・Koji Kabuto: Hiroya Ishimaru
・ Sayaka Yumi: Minori Matsushima

Key Episodes

Iconic Episodes

Episodes featuring major battles against Dr. Hell’s mechanical beasts.

Final Episode

The decisive battle against Dr. Hell and the resolution of the series.

First Episode

Introduction of Koji, Mazinger Z, and the conflict with Dr. Hell.

Memorable Scenes

Mazinger Z’s Rocket Punch and other signature moves.

Theme Songs and Influence

Theme Songs

Opening Theme: “Mazinger Z” by Ichiro Mizuki


Set the standard for the mecha genre and influenced numerous other series and media.

Popular Merchandise

・Mazinger Z model kits
・Action figures and toys
・Video games
・Collectible cards and posters
・Themed apparel


Mazinger Z remains a cultural icon in the mecha genre, known for its innovative design, thrilling action sequences, and its lasting impact on both anime and popular culture.

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