Galaxy Express 999


Synopsis and Charm


Galaxy Express 999 follows the journey of a young boy, Tetsuro Hoshino, who boards the interstellar train Galaxy Express 999 to get a mechanical body and avenge his mother’s death.


The series is celebrated for its deep exploration of themes like mortality, the essence of humanity, and the quest for eternal life, all set against the backdrop of a fantastical space adventure.

Production Info


Leiji Matsumoto

Production Studio

Toei Animation

Release Date & Episodes

Aired from 1978 to 1981, with a total of 113 episodes

Broadcast Period

September 1978 to March 1981

Main Characters and Voice Actors

・Tetsuro Hoshino: Masako Nozawa
・Maetel: Masako Ikeda
・Conductor: Kaneta Kimotsuki

Key Episodes

Iconic Episodes

Memorable episodes include Tetsuro’s encounters with various beings in his quest, and his evolving perspective on life and death.

Final Episode

Concludes Tetsuro’s journey with an emotional and philosophical resolution.

First Episode

Introduces Tetsuro and sets the stage for his epic journey aboard the Galaxy Express 999.

Memorable Scenes

Notable scenes include the poignant moments Tetsuro shares with Maetel and the various worlds they visit.

Theme Songs and Influence

Theme Songs

Iconic theme songs include “The Galaxy Express 999” and “Sayonara,” which are deeply nostalgic for many fans.


The series has influenced the science fiction genre significantly, inspiring numerous adaptations and references in other media.

Popular Merchandise

・Galaxy Express 999 model trains
・Character figurines
・Art books
・DVD collections
・Replicas of Tetsuro’s gun


Galaxy Express 999 is a profound and poignant anime that combines science fiction with philosophical inquiries, leaving a lasting impact on its viewers and the anime genre itself.

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