Black Jack


Synopsis and Charm


Black Jack is a compelling anime about an enigmatic, unlicensed surgeon with exceptional skills. The series delves into complex medical cases and ethical dilemmas, creating a rich narrative that blends drama with moral questions.


The charm of Black Jack lies in its protagonist’s mysterious aura and the series’ exploration of the human condition through medical themes, appealing to a mature audience.

Production Info


Osamu Tezuka

Production Studio

Tezuka Productions

Release Date & Episodes

Original OVA series: 1993-2011, several adaptations with varying episode counts

Broadcast Period

1993-2011 for the OVA, various periods for adaptations

Main Characters and Voice Actors

  • Black Jack: Akio Otsuka
  • Pinoko: Yuko Mizutani

Key Episodes

Iconic Episodes

Episodes where Black Jack faces moral dilemmas in choosing to save lives, often at great personal cost.

Final Episode

The powerful conclusion to the OVA series, showcasing Black Jack’s ultimate resolve.

First Episode

Introduction to Black Jack and his unconventional approach to medicine.

Memorable Scenes

Black Jack performing complex surgeries against all odds.

Theme Songs and Influence

Theme Songs

Various themes across different series, each reflecting the dark and intense mood of the show.


Influenced medical dramas in anime and manga, known for its deep storytelling and moral complexities.

Popular Merchandise

  • Black Jack manga volumes
  • figurines
  • themed medical kits
  • books
  • character apparel.


Black Jack stands out as a masterpiece in anime, renowned for its deep character development, ethical storylines, and Osamu Tezuka’s unique storytelling approach.

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