Hakushon Daimaou


Synopsis and Charm


Hakushon Daimaou is a classic anime featuring a sneezing genie and his adventures with a young boy named Kan-chan. Set in a whimsical world, it combines comedy and magical elements to create a fun and entertaining experience.


The charm of Hakushon Daimaou lies in its unique concept and the humorous interactions between the genie and other characters, offering a delightful blend of magic and laughter..

Production Info


Tatsuo Yoshida

Production Studio

Tatsunoko Production

Release Date & Episodes

1969, 52 episodes

Broadcast Period


Main Characters and Voice Actors

  • Hakushon Daimaou: Isamu Tanonaka
  • Kan-chan: Takuzou Kamiyama

Key Episodes

Iconic Episodes

The episode where Hakushon Daimaou helps Kan-chan with his school project, leading to hilarious outcomes.

Final Episode

The heartwarming finale where Hakushon must return to his bottle, leaving his friends behind.

First Episode

Introduction of Hakushon Daimaou and how he meets Kan-chan.

Memorable Scenes

Scenes showcasing the genie’s sneezes causing unexpected magic.

Theme Songs and Influence

Theme Songs

Opening Theme: “Hakushon Daimaou no Uta” by Vocal Shop


Influenced the genre of magical comedies in anime and remains a beloved classic.

Popular Merchandise

  • Hakushon Daimaou figurines
  • vintage posters
  • t-shirts with iconic scenes
  • themed stationery
  • collector’s edition DVD sets.


Hakushon Daimaou is a significant part of anime history, known for its comedic take on magical themes and its influence on later works in the genre.

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